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Safety First! 5 Things You Need to Know about Backyard Zip Line Kits.

Zip Line KitsWhen considering backyard zip line kits, from how it’s installed to how it is used, safety is vital!

Zip lines are cables or “zip wires” that are anchored between two structures, either posts or trees. A handle is attached to the wire and users can fly or “zip” from one end to the other. A zip line kit will come with everything you will need to install an entire zip line in your backyard. These kits can provide a great amount of fun for kids of all ages, and they also promote a healthy lifestyle in several ways.

Considering that many children spend most of their time playing video games or sitting in front of the television without fun outlets for daily exercise, their fitness levels diminish and unhealthy eating habits and weight gain are imminent. A backyard zip line is a healthy activity alternative. To aid in giving your child a better, more fit lifestyle, zip line kits allow children to burn off energy in the backyard with a fun recreational activity. They will also be more engaged socially with their siblings and friends instead of constantly being in front of a computer or tablet screen.

For those who are interested in learning more about zip line kits and are considering purchasing a zip line kit online, this article will aim to provide the top 5 things you should know about purchasing, installing and owning your own zip line kit. Read on to learn more, and start having fun!

1. Quality of Kits:

The first thing to know about purchasing a zip line kit is that you should always buy new. Because there will be wear and tear on a kit that has been used, you never know how safe a previously owned kit will be. After installation, it could be possible that the line would break. Be cautious, and always buy new.

Also remember to always purchase a kit manufactured by reliable companies. You can look online for ratings and reviews. Do your research, and choose a manufacturer that has the best possible safety and use ratings. Reviews from other customers will help a great deal in this arena.

The company that you buy from should also have great customer service. You should be able to email or phone the manufacturer and ask questions about the product itself, installation and safety. A quality zip line kit will also come with a certification of safety from the manufacturer.

2. Backyard Set Up:

You will be installing your zip line in your yard or on your own property, so you will need to have the proper setup. Because zip line kits have safety concerns and rules, you will want to first ensure that you have an enclosed area near your home where neighbor children or others can’t come in and use the line without you knowledge, as this could be dangerous. You should also choose a place where you can monitor the activity of your children on the zip line. A fenced in backyard that has a view from at least one window in your home works great.

Finally, you will need to have posts set up. A zip line kit comes with a cable or line that will need to be connected between two anchors. These can be man-made posts or trees, so make sure that you have the proper setup before installing.

3. Installation:

Before purchasing your kit, you will need to know who will be using it. There are many great kits available, but some are only for the use of children, and are therefore meant to hold less amount of weight. You can purchase a children’s zip line kit that will have a lower weight restriction. The weight restrictions on your kit absolutely must be followed or injury could ensue.

After you choose the proper kit and you have established an enclosed and safe area with two posts or trees where the cable can be anchored, you can install your zip line kit. The kit will come with everything that you need to install a zip line in your backyard. The cable will be fastened to the two anchors and a handle will be attached.

A quality zip line kit will be fun and safe for your children, but always follow the installation and use instructions exactly. Again, if extra instruction is necessary, or if you have questions or concerns about how to install your kit, make sure to consult the manufacturer.

4. Safety in Use:

Zip lines can be great fun, but they must be used correctly to ensure the safety of your kids. First, the appropriate clothing must be worn at all times during use. Loose or long clothing could be hazardous as it could get stuck within the handle that connects to and “zips” down the cable line. To avoid this, make sure your kids wear tighter fitting clothing and also avoid scarves that may get tangled in the handle. Long necklaces and other dangling jewelry should also be taken off before use of the zip line.

Long hair should be tied back securely so that no strands could be caught in the handle and line. A helmet or a hat can help with this. Many zip lines are installed over lakes, rivers or ponds, where zip lines are being used over water, make sure the proper life vest is used and that kids know what to do if they fall into the water.

5. Supervision:

Before kids are let loose on a zip line that has just been installed, make sure they know all of the safety rules. Children should know the proper attire to wear and the proper positions to be used on the line. They should also know that hanging on someone else on the zip line is not safe, and that the weight restrictions must be followed or the line could break mid-zip.

Even after kids are aware of the safety concerns, they should still be constantly supervised when using the zip line. Although your children may follow the rules, friends or others who come over to use the line may try to play with the wire incorrectly.

Also make sure that there is always more than one person using the zip line if it is being used by an adult (remember, adults using the zip lines must be using those kits that are designed for adult use and have adult weight restrictions). If an ankle is sprained during jump off, for example, there should always be someone nearby to give aid.

Remember that zip line kits have strict installation and safety guidelines, but when these rules are followed, zip lines can give hours of fun to you and your family. They are a great idea for your kids to help them get out of the house and physically active with a fun and stimulating activity.