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Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Review

This is probably the easiest, simplest, most hassle-free smoker of all that I have reviewed. The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch is a candidate for the best electric smoker on the market. No need to babysit this guy, just plug in your specifications, put your feet up, and wait it out. What’s on the other side of that wait is a perfectly smoked meat, chicken, vegetable- whatever your heart desires!

Overall Rating

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Features of the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker

What’s Included in the Smoker

This smoker is designed for people who are looking to achieve perfectly smoked delicacies while doing very little to achieve it in their own back yard. This is basically an error-proof machine for the “hands-off” smoker. This smoker even has a remote control so you don’t actually have to get up to adjust a temperature or signal a command. You can see your deliciousness smoking to perfection right through the viewing window as well.

All of the extras are included with this smoker to make any extra shopping a non-existent. It even comes fully assembled so you can start smoking the minute it arrives. I think we can safely say this is the “king” of electric smokers.

Build Quality and Design

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, 725 Square Inch is well insulated to hold steady temperature with its double wall build. The digital control panel is easy to use, simple to read, and has a beautiful blue LED display. It boasts a glass door for simple viewing of your product without losing essential heat and smoke.

It has a sleek and handsome stainless steel finish on the front, and a a two- tone black finish on the back. This makes for a simple clean up after a smoke session. The door locks with a tight latch for a super solid seal. The smoker sits on four wheels to make for extremely agile movement without having to lift.

This smoker comes with some additional features that you won’t find in your run of the mill smoker. For starters, there is a high capacity grease tray for simple cleanups during or after the smoke. The smoker actually has a warming device so if your food is finished before you can get to it the smoker will keep it at a nice warm temperature for you and your guests.

The temperature gauge is removable, like a remote control, so there is no need to continually check on your smoker. You can check remotely from wherever you are.  This smoker also comes with a Char-Broil meat probe for checking internal temperature. This is the ultimate “hands-free” smoker.


What We Like

  • The smoker comes assembled. No need to get your hands dirty and ready to go immediately.
  • High tech digital display with remote control for constant monitoring of your product.
  • Handsome modern look. Two-tone design gives a to-be-desired look to your outdoor space.
  • Viewing window for touch-free sights of your smoking goods.
  • Comes equipped with a meat probe. Most smokers do not and you are required to buy separately.

What We Don’t Like

  • If you are not a high-tech type of enthusiast, this is not the smoker for you. It does take out the trial and error that a traditional hobbyist would enjoy. It’s been said to be “too easy”!
  • Digital electric displays are not as durable and lasting as an analog.
  • You can’t leave it outside as it is not completely weather resistant.

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What I Wish I Knew​

When selecting an electric smoker, I felt a great conundrum with all the options on the market. Here are a few pieces of advice, I encourage you to take into consideration before making your final selection:

  1. Price does not always correlate to quality.
    My initial expectation was the more expensive electric smokers were of higher quality. This is certainly not the case, especially with the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker. Though it is not the most expensive (or least expensive) available, it is one of the most consistent in terms of function and taste.
  2. Size matters.
    Only you know how frequently and with how much cuisine you will be utilizing your new tool. While it sounds great to have more than 4 trays or a larger interior cooking space, if you’re not planning on cooking for large groups of people, it’s just not necessary.
  3. Reviews are a must.
    Though the company’s themselves and the online stores give great descriptions of the product line, it’s important to understand how the actual users feel once the product is at their front door.

Final Thoughts

From what I have seen and read about his product, I would highly recommend it. It seems to be extremely straightforward and simple to operate, and the product results very consistent. This is about as top of the line and dandy as you can get with the electric smokers on the market today. If you don’t have a lot of experience smoking and are ok with paying top dollar, this machine will not only get you started with your new hobby, but will have you eating like a king.

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