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Old Smokey Electric Smoker Review

We absolutely love cooking, and are always looking for the best gadgets to help us attain the most consistent and flavorful cuisine possible. There are many culinary tools to expand your recipe repertoire, but perhaps none with a result as drastically powerful as an electric smoker. With an electric smoker, you can mimic the rich, smoky flavors of your favorite BBQ restaurants in the convenience of your home. The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is one of the best choices on the market for many reasons. Read our review below to learn more about this reliable, cost-efficient electric smoker option.

Features of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Old Smokey Electric Smoker Quick Facts

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 29
  • Flat top smoker
  • Wood chip tray
  • Two stainless steel cooking racks
  • 23-pound weight
  • Made of aluminized steel
  • 1250 watt heating element

The Juice on the Old Smokey Electric Smoker

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Though there are certainly more sophisticated and high-tech electric smokers, Old Smokey is the best at the basics. Since 1923, Old Smokey has been a staple in the BBQ industry, known best for its great products and even better customer service. As a no frills smoker, this device uses it’s sealed top lid to keep in the smoke and maximize the meat’s own juices. Rather than having to add water, the delectable results are achieved with its own natural flavors. Another plus side of this design is that the food won’t dry out during the cooking process. It’s narrower diameter and circular layout ensures that the heat will distribute uniformly throughout the cooker so no matter how the meat is laid out, you can count on an even flavor. Operation of the smoker won’t require hours of studying instructions. Just plug it in and get started right away.

Constructed of aluminized steel, this electric smoker is one of the sturdier options on the market. Despite what we initially thought this high-quality material doesn’t weigh down the structure – it’s actually one of the lightest. This makes it convenient to relocate, especially for those who are constantly rearranging the outdoor furniture. We’ve even seen people take their Old Smokey Electric Smoker on the road with them to camp sites and neighbor’s houses. When such a powerful smoker is only 23 pounds, the possibilities are virtually endless.

You’ll also be happy to know that all handles on the lid and smoker itself are both heat-resistant and fireproof. When temperatures are roaring at more than 250 degrees, your hands will certainly thank you. Another bonus is the handles on the grills themselves as well. This not only makes it simple to remove them, but their stainless-steel make up is easy to clean and maintain – something you’ll be thankful for after a day of cooking.

The overall cleaning and maintenance of the unit is pretty minimal, especially in comparison with other smokers as there are very few individual parts. The best way to clean it thoroughly is using a pressure washer, however if you do not own one, using the smoker to build up condensation with some water and vinegar will do the trick.  

Areas for Improvement

Using this piece of equipment is relatively straightforward, however, one downside is that the smoker does not come with a temperature reader. You’ll probably find this necessary and should just add in the gage separately at the point of purchase. You can choose from a 2-inch or 3-inch size.


Though the stainless steel material is well-made, it also gets extremely hot once the cooking begins. It is critical that you educate yourself and anyone who will be around the cooker while in use about its temperature and danger. We do not recommend turning it on while there are young children around.


Lastly, though the two cooking racks are pretty lengthy at 12.5 and 14.5 inches respectively, they are not adjustable as some other smokers on the market have. This may be slightly limiting, depending on what your aspirations are for the cuts of meat you will cook inside. In general, however, the likelihood of you selecting something that won’t fit is pretty slim.

Overall Rating

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Final Thoughts

For under $200, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker provides purchasers with an incredible value for their money. It’s simple, sleek design and minimal assembly requirements are ideal whether you’re an expert smoker or just beginning to experiment with BBQ. This smoker is unique in the fact that it’s compact and light enough for easy transport while also being large enough to cook a variety of meat on its two stainless steel cooking racks. We strongly recommend purchasing this electric smoker if you’re on the hunt for one, plus the company’s long-standing history coupled with its dedication to customers will be a great comfort when making your purchasing decision.

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