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Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker Review

I always loved the taste of smoked meats like ribs and pork chops, but the idea of making them myself seemed virtually impossible. How could I possibly get that same BBQ joint smoky flavor in my own limited kitchen? Well now with the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker you can simply and seamlessly go from novice to a smoke grill master. Read our full review of this electric smoker to see why this is one of the best available options, no matter what your culinary skill level is.

Overall Rating

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Features of the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker

  • 36-inch cabinet and 3 cubic feet (almost 300 square inches) of cooking space
  • Dimensions of 18.5 x 23.2 x 45.5 inches
  • Total weight at 54 pounds (78 pounds when shipping)
  • Four chrome-plated cooking grids
  • Digital LED Display
  • Glass window on front door
  • External-loading wood chip tray
  • Heating source of 1500-Watts

When researching the best electric smoker, you’ll probably find quite a few options that fit what you’re looking for. So, how do you narrow it down to just one? Well by reading this review, you’re already one step ahead. It’s important to understand how the various features can benefit you and your cooking goals.

What We Like

  • Though the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker is certainly not the largest on the market, the 3 cubic feet of cooking space definitely feels generous, especially given its reasonable price. The compact size makes it easy to maneuver. With fully adjustable cooking grids, the heat distributes evenly and allows for large cuts of meat to be accommodated by simply removing one completely or spreading them out. The fact that the cooking grids are chrome plated is yet another benefit as it cuts down on cleaning and maintenance. They are both safe for the dishwasher and resistant to rust.
  • The external-loading wood chip tray is another component you will be thankful for as it allows the addition of woodchips for those longer smoke jobs, without having to open or lose heat from the smoker. The steel-painted interior can also withstand consistent, high-capacity use.
  • The front tempered glass window on this particular model will also come in handy. It’s yet another feature that assists with preserving the smoke and quenching your thirst for smoky curiosity. Anything you can do to maximize the smoke can be make a big difference in the taste of your meat.
  • Having a digital LED display may sound like a fancy frill, but it should be a factor you appreciate (I certainly do) as you can easily control the smoker’s time and temperature.

What We Don’t Like

  • This electric smoker, though lighter than other comparable options at about 54 pounds, is built with stationary legs. This can be somewhat limiting in choosing a permanent location for the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker as it should only be placed on an area with solid ground. Once assembled, it’s a bit inconvenient to move as well and definitely would take at least two people to do so if absolutely necessary.
  • Though the grids, water pan and chip tray are easily removable and straight forward to clean, the bottom of the electric smoker can get pretty greased up after use. It seems that I am not alone in that frustration, though having to put a little strength behind the scrub is a tradeoff I’ll take for perfectly cooked and flavorful food.

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What I Wish I Knew

When selecting an electric smoker, I felt a great conundrum with all the options on the market. Here are a few pieces of advice, I encourage you to take into consideration before making your final selection:

  1. Price does not always correlate to quality.
    My initial expectation was the more expensive electric smokers were of higher quality. This is certainly not the case, especially with the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker. Though it is not the most expensive (or least expensive) available, it is one of the most consistent in terms of function and taste.
  2. Size matters.
    Only you know how frequently and with how much cuisine you will be utilizing your new tool. While it sounds great to have more than 4 trays or a larger interior cooking space, if you’re not planning on cooking for large groups of people, it’s just not necessary.
  3. Reviews are a must.
    Though the company’s themselves and the online stores give great descriptions of the product line, it’s important to understand how the actual users feel once the product is at their front door.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Smoke Hollow 3616DEW 36-Inch Digital Electric Smoker is one of the best electric smokers out there. It is a solid choice for both novices and experts alike with its sleek yet compact design made for the ideal, even smoke. Though you may need a bit of elbow grease

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