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How To Make A Zip Line

How to Make a Zip LineThere is a new trend among people that are ready for a enjoyable and fun time with friends and family. Today, riding a zip line is a fun activity all over the world and everyone is looking for the best and safest way on how to make a zip line. There are many places that are using it and because of that it is fun for even more people; like ski resorts and adventure parks. Because of the awesome experience that people are talking about all over the internet, a zip line can be installed in the backyard of people’s homes and as well as in the hills where the experience is far more exciting.

There are many kits that can be bought for a zip line, however, to make a good one that will not be just for children the best way is to make it yourself. It is not something that you need a great amount of knowledge to build, but you will need to follow the directions and also the next steps will be of great help to you.

But, before getting to the steps you need to find a location that will be suitable for the zip line you are going to make. Depending on the land you can choose two types of zip lines. You will need to use a break if you are putting it on a hill; because the break will help you slow down as you approach the ending. If the site has a bit of incline it is wise to think about a zip line that will have a gravity stop break.


Step 1 – Materials

In order to make the basic zip line you won’t need a lot of equipment, Cable, Trolley, Tether, Helmet and Harness.


Remember to never use a rope to make a zip line because it will wear out by the weather and also it will stretch. The basic cable that you need is a 7 strand by 3/8 inch cable like the Slackers Falcon Series Zipline, Yellow, 40-Feet. If you are making it for a run of 600 feet you will need a cable that is at least 1/2 inches in diameter, then the Galvanized Steel Wire Rope I is the best one for you and also it can be used for shorter distances.


You will need one which rides the cable, pulley and the one you need is Petzl Tandem Speed (Transport Pulley) because it is the same material as the cable and it is one of the best one out here. You need to consider buying one that has steel wheels in order to be the same material as the cable. It is very important and it is increasing your safety if the zip line you include a backup system, which means a second wheel. The trolley needs to be able to able to support five times more than the load weight.


The tether will make sure that the harness is securely attached to the trolley. You need to get a strap that can be adjusted to 22 – 40 inches long. Most of the tethers are made of static climbing rope or webbing that has a high breaking strength. Great choices for you would be the T-Reign (Tracking) Small Retractable Gear Tether, Carabiner, 24 Inch Kevlar Cord because it is universal.

Helmet and Harness-

To get the safest ride on a zip line you need to use a helmet, harnesses and also a safety tether. The only exception that you can skip this is when the zip line goes 2-3 feet over the water or ground. But, usually even the lines that are passing over the water usually have a high starting point and you will need to make sure that you are safe. It is wise to plan for the worse so that it never happens. The Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness is a great harness that you can look at and also the Petzl Pro Vertex Vent Professional Helmet.


There are many different thoughts on having a break or not, as mentioned before, it all depends on the place you are using the zip line and how long it is. The best choice, when it comes to a breaking system is the one that depends on gravity in order to slow you down as you are getting closer to the ending point. A correctly installed break that is regularly maintained will minimize the possibility of injuries.


Step 2 – Locate the trees with the best distance

When it comes to building a zip line in your backyard, the people that have a large backyard that has many trees have the advantage as do those who are installing it somewhere in the mountains or hills. This step is very easy; all you need to do is to find two trees that have the desired length path and to make sure that the path is cleared from all other trees and bushes. Once you have located the trees that meet your specifications you are ready to go to the next step.

 Step 3 – Setting the cable

In this step, you need to be very responsible because it comes to setting the cable that goes from the one tree to the other. You need to secure the cable on the first tree and then walk the cable to the other tree that you have chosen. Securely fasten the cable to the trees, making sure to follow the manufactures specification!

 Step 4 – Test the Zip Line

Don’t use the zip line right away when you are finished making it, you need to test it first. There are different ways to test the zip line; however, most importantly is to test the weight that it supports and the speed. It is advisable to attach a load that is at least approximately twice the weight of the heaviest rider among the people that are going to go to use the zip line. Also, it is wise to test the zip line for a danger zone by making sure that it is free of obstructions.

After that you can test it yourself, but with a friend’s assistance. One of your friends needs to hold the line brake. Then start at the starting point by attaching yourself with a help of a ladder and then ride all the way to the end. While on the zip line, if your friend has to slow the ride because you are going to fast, then the cable needs to be adjusted to a more shallow angle.

Step 5 – Have fun

The last step is the best because you are ready to have fun. By following the steps on how to make a zip line you will have a great zip line ride and most importantly a safe one. There will be no concerns of getting injured when you have made everything safe for you and all the other people that will use it. Take into consideration the above steps and every time you take a ride you will have a fun and exciting experience.

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