Outrageous Backyard Ideas

Extreme Backyard SportsYou can make wonderful family memories without ever leaving the house! Some require a few DIY skills, and others are as simple as purchasing and setting up a few items. With a little planning, and a bit of creativity, you can plan all kinds of backyard fun activities year-round.


Outdoor Movie Theater:

Invest an HD home theater projector and enjoy outdoor movies in your own backyard. Many home projectors have DVD players built-in, or a docking station for your iPod. So, getting started is as easy as setting up and picking your movie. For your screen, hang a white shower curtain or sheet on a fence or between two trees, or invest in an outdoor screen. Be sure to have comfortable lawn chairs or blankets, and popcorn, snacks and drinks to complete the experience.


Backyard Putting GreenBuild a Putting Green:

If your family loves golf, create a putting green in your own backyard. With just a few supplies, some pre-planning, and a little bit of yard-work, you’ll create an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Complete kits are available, or materials may be purchased separately.


Determine the backyard space you have for your putting green and pick the perfect location. Avoid low lying areas where water might pond, and find an area that is as flat as possible. You can lay sod, plant grass seed, or use low-maintenance, artificial turf for the green.


  • Shovel
  • Dirt for filling/leveling
  • Sod, grass seed (appropriate for your region/climate/sunlight), or artificial turf.
  • Bulb planter or other tool for making hole
  • Border materials
  • Cups, flags etc.


1. Pre-define your putting green borders using rope or garden hose.

2. Prepare area by clearing grass and removing rocks/debris by raking. If you plan to place sod or plant seed, loosen the soil. Level the dirt as much as possible.

3. Define borders using rocks, wood, or other landscape materials

4. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for laying sod, planting seed, or installing artificial turf for best results.

5. Once grass is established and mowed, use a bulb planter to cut the hole/s. Approximately 6″ of depth is required (for 6″ cups). If it’s too large you can fill in around the cup with soil. The top of the cup should sit approximately 1/2″ below the top of the soil.