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Extreme Zip LineInstall a Zip-Line Kit:

A zip-line through your backyard is an exciting addition for the little daredevils. And, if you make it high and strong enough, you might get a ride too. The two most important things in installing a zip-line are safety, and selecting materials that can withstand the weight.

Installing a zip-line isn’t as complicated as you may think. Most materials are available at your local home improvement store, or To create a DIY zip-line, you attach a coated wire from a high point to a low point in your yard, and pull it taut. You can purchase, or create a handle from PVC pipe, attach a pulley to the wire and handle, and get ready to go!

It’s a good idea to attach a rope to the handle so it can be pulled back to the highest point easily. Consider adding a cooling sprinkler below, or a blow-up pool at the end for a splash landing.

With a small investment in time and money, having fun without leaving home is convenient, economical, and memorable. Any activity you choose for family backyard fun, will be an experience your child will remember all their lives.