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A backyard movie theater screen is quite an investment, so you will want to get the most for your money as well as the product that meets your specific needs. Many manufacturers offer various models of indoor/outdoor movie theater screens so that you can choose the specific size, type, and quality that you desire. has several styles available in a wide variety of sizes and prices, so finding one that is just right for you can be done with a few clicks of the keyboard.


Camp Chef 120-inch Portable Outdoor Movie Theater ScreenThe Camp Chef 120-inch Portable Outdoor Movie Theater Screen ($222.99) can be used indoors or outdoors. It is made of sturdy white oxford nylon and comes with separate, durable storage bags for the screen and the frame. It weighs less than 44 lbs. Customer reviews indicate few problems with this product. A few have claimed that there have been large dark smudges on the screen’s surface which they were unable to remove. However, the overall rating for this product is high. Customers who have purchased the Camp Chef model have reported being pleased with it’s fast and east set up and break down. They are also happy with it’s overall durability as well as wind resistance when used outdoors.


Gemmy Airblown 39121X 12 ft. Movie ScreenThe Gemmy Airblown 39121X 12 ft. Movie Screen ($104.98) is white and self-inflates in minutes. Comes with its own storage bag, stakes, tethers, and fan. Customers who purchased this model reported dissatisfaction with the noise generated by the fan. Some stated they were unhappy with the low wind resistance, though most were pleased with it’s easy set-up and break down.




Open Aiir Cinema 16 ft. Outdoor Home Projector Screen WidescreenThe Open Air Cinema 16 ft. Outdoor Home Projector Screen Widescreen ($1,055.46) has a 220-inch white diagonal projection surface and weighs only 17 lbs. It inflates in less than 20 seconds. The projection surface is fully attached for easy set up and break down. To date, no customer complaints have been reported. Customers report being pleased with the low noise level of the blower so that it does not interfere with the movie. They are also happy with the Widescreen’s easy set up and break down.



Visual Apex ProjectoScreen 120HD Portable Movie Theater Projection ScreenThe Visual Apex ProjectoScreen 120-inch HD Portable Movie Theater Projection Screen ($217.00) is very popular for its one-piece fold-and-frame set up. There is no frame assembly required. The legs are detachable so that the screen can also be used in a hanging position. The screen is white, mildew-resistant and flame retardant. It comes with ground stakes and guide wires for extra stability.




Backyard Theater Systems 16 ft. Quickscreen Outdoor Theater ScreenThe Backyard Theater Systems 16 ft. Quickscreen Outdoor Theater Screen ($1,199.00) has an expandable frame and white screen. The screen attaches to the frame with velcro attachments (included). No issues have been reported with this model and it is praised by customers as being versatile and easy to use, with fast set up and break down.



FlexiWhite DIY Hanging Indoor-Outdoor Projection Screen KitCarl’s FlexiWhite DIY Hanging Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen Kit ($249.95) comes with everything needed to construct your own projection screen, with the exception of poles. POLES ARE NOT INCLUDED. The kit comes with a finished-edge screen with grommets, corner and support fittings (steel), and bungees. It is mildew-resistant. No customer complaints have been reported with this item.




Elite Screens 150-inch Yard Master Outdoor Theater Portable Projection ScreenElite Screens 150-inch Yard Master Outdoor Theater Portable Projection Screen ($584.99) is white, flame-resistant and comes with an aluminum-wheeled storage case for easy storage and convenient transportation. Customers have reported being very pleased with the screen’s sturdiness in windy conditions. There have been a few reports of the connection points breaking off after very little use.

Elite Screens 114-inch DIY Indoor/Outdoor Projector Screen ($96.99) includes a white screen made of material designed to deflect hot-spotting issues and provide color neutrality over the entire viewing surface. The grommets are evenly spaced along the screen borders so as to stretch the material for a consistently flat-screened surface. The screen easily installs onto pole supports (not included), garage door surface or frame, walls, etc. Rigging cords are included. A significant number of customers have reported that due to shipping packaging (the screen rolled up and shipped in a tube), the screen arrives in damaged and/or ill-fitting packaging and with several creases and wrinkles through the screen which are impossible to remove and which do not disappear after hanging, as per the instructions. However, most are pleased with the product and indicate it is good quality for the price. They have reported being satisfied with the ease of set up and break down and the versatility of being able to use the screen almost anywhere there is a flat surface.


Carl's FlexiGray DIY Standing Projection ScreenCarl’s FlexiGray DIY Standing Indoor/Outdoor Projection Screen ($204.95-$464.95) is available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 120 inches to 272 inches. The gray screen surface works best in low to moderate ambient light. The kit includes the finished-edge screen with grommets, corner fittings (steel), and bungee cords. POLES ARE NOT INCLUDED. The high-contrast gray screen provides greater contrast with deeper shades of gray and black. Screen is made of 100% PVC material and has a mildew-resistant coating. Customers report being happy with the ease of set up and tear down. To date no problems have been reported with this product.




When preparing to purchase a backyard movie theater screen, it is a good idea to first comprise a checklist of your personal preferences and needs, taking into account details such as the size of the area(s) where your screen will be set up, the amount of wind exposure, ease of securing the screen in place. If you will be placing the screen near a backyard swimming pool you will of course want to remember to choose a waterproof screen to avoid accidental damage. If your screen system is inflatable and requires the use of fans you will want to choose a model with fans that provide a low level of noise so as not to disrupt the sound of your movie. You will want to take into consideration as well the type of lighting you will be using your screen in (daytime? evening? after dark?) so as to choose a white screen or a gray screen, gray being best for lower ambient light settings. No matter your needs, Amazon has a wide variety of screens to choose from.