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Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

Are you tired of messing with gas and oil for your hedge trimmer? Are the fumes make your head hurt and eyes burn? Are you worried about the environmental impact of the use of gas for your hedge trimmer? If you answered yes to any of these questions than the Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer might be for you. This electric only trimmer is designed to eliminate the need for gas, oil, tune ups and exposure to toxic emissions.

Features of the Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer

This Sun Joe trimmer is part of the Sun Joe/Snow Joe company and their line of outdoor products. As a company, they are focused on providing high quality products at affordable prices. In addition, they seek to push the envelope in creating more eco-friendly lawn and garden equipment. Many of their products eliminate harmful emissions and use less fuel than similar gas-powered models. This focus on environment and economics are visible in the key features of this trimmer.

As with any trimmer purchase, a key component is cutting power. The Sun Joe trimmer has 3.5-amp motor and an advertised .63 inch cutting capacity. The 3.5-amp motor is smaller than similar trimmers on the market while the cutting capacity comes in as average for this type of trimmer. While the manufacturer touts a .63 inch cutting capacity, our reviews indicate a ½ inch cutting capacity is more likely the maximum for clean and easy trimming. This means the Sun Joe HJ22HTE would work well for trimming and shaping small shrubs or clearing vine type vegetation. On the other hand, this trimmer would make trimming large bushes or mature branches that are over ½ inch in diameter difficult.

Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer Review

This specific Sun Joe trimmer comes with pre-hardened 22-inch dual action stainless steel blades. The 22-inch cutting surface is in the mid-range for trimmers of this type. While not the largest cutting surface available, this is more than sufficient for the average home owners trimming needs. The dual action of the blades will decrease cutting time as well as vibration. This improved performance will mean decrease in hand, arm, and stress strain for the user.

After cutting power, a second focus for the consumer should be safety features. With any lawn and garden purchase, safe usage of sharp blades is essential. The Sun Joe HJ22HTE has two key safety features. The first is dual handed starting. This function prevents accidently starting the trimmer. The second feature is a guard to protect the user from flying debris while trimming.

Like virtually all trimmers of this type, the Sun Joe HJ22HTE does not come with a cord built in. The purchaser must provide their own extension cord to run this unit. It runs on a 16-gauge extension cord. The manufacture recommends a maximum extension cord length of 100 feet. This will limit what jobs you can tackle on your property as you will need to be within 100 feet of an outlet at all times when operating the Sun Joe Trimmer. This would be a real issue for any home limited outdoor outlets or large amounts of property with vegetation that needs trimmed. The handle does feature an extension cord restraint hook to prevent accidental disconnection from the power source while in use.

The Sun Joe comes with the industry standard 2-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. While this is an industry standard feature, it is still an importance piece of mind for a consumer. In addition, the company provides support after purchase. On their website you will find an FAQ section, electronic versions of all manuals, and online customer support. Beyond online customer support, they have a phone support line available to consumers. While the online support options are fairly extensive and user friendly, unlike some more established larger brands there are not a nationwide network of Sun Joe dealers. This means that in-person support options are limited.

Overall Rating

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As with any purchase, there is no perfect hedge trimmer. But there is a perfect hedge trimmer for you and your needs. When evaluating here are some pluses and minuses for the Sun Joe HJ22HTE trimmer.

What We Like

  • Coming in at 5 lbs the HJ22HTE is one of the lightest trimmers on the market. The compact nature of the trimmer will make for easier use and less strain on operators.
  • The Sun Joe eliminates exposure to toxic emissions created by gas powered trimmers.
  • This trimmer is designed to be a more economical trimmer option than other similar models and brands.
  • A blade cover comes standard with this trimmer. Buyers should be aware that blade covers are not a standard feature on all hedge trimmers.

What We Don’t Like

  • This trimmer is made in China which is a turn off to many US based buyers.
  • With a 3.5-amp motor, the power of this trimmer is less than other similar models on the market.
  • While this trimmer does have a wraparound handle, it does not have the rotating handle that similar models have. This will make it more difficult to trim at a variety of angles.
  • Unlike some of the larger lawn equipment brands, Sun Joe does not have in-person service options.
  • The Sun Joe requires an electric outlet for use.

Final Thoughts

With its light weight and eco-friendly nature, this trimmer could be the perfect addition to an urban household or any property owner with smaller vegetation. At 5 lbs, carrying it around small spaces will be a snap.

The Sun Joe HJ22HTE Electric Hedge Trimmer could prove not efficient for larger properties or properties with thick vegetation. The smaller motor and the .63 inch cutting capacity would make tackling heavy growth difficult if not impossible.

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