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Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer Review

Though aimed at professional landscapers, the Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer offers great power, reliability, and quality to professional and non-professional landscapers alike.

Besides its commercial-grade blades, rotating rear handle, anti-vibration dampeners, and incredible 7-year consumer warranty, one of the best Tanaka TCH22ECP2 features is its powerhouse engine. Though the price of this gas-powered trimmer may seem steep, this machine is a great investment for any professional landscaper or homeowner who needs a trimmer that can last through years of hard work without breaking down.

Overall Rating

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Features of the Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer

A gas-powered hedge trimmer can be a major investment, especially for non-professional landscapers or homeowners. Finding a trimmer that balances quality, power, reliability, and ease-of-use can be overwhelming, with so many trimmers to choose from online. Whether you’re a professional looking for a machine that will last or a homeowner looking for a tool that will give you a professional finish, the Tanaka TCH22ECP2 may be the hedge trimmer to buy.

The Tanaka TCH22ECP2’s 21.1-cubic centimeter, 2 cycle Pure Fire engine makes it one of the most powerful gas-powered trimmers on the market, perfect for trimming and cutting overgrown hedges, thick bushes, and other out-of-control vegetation. Plus, the engine’s purge bulb, which cleans air from the carburetor and Tanaka S-Start technology ensure a faster and easier start in addition to ensuring a long engine life. In fact, Tanaka claims that their purge bulb and S-Start technology combined reduce the required pull-force to start this trimmer, which is definitely impressive.

This trimmer also features 30-inch 3-sided, commercial-grade, dual-reciprocating blades that cut branches up to 3/4th of an inch at a 28-inch swath and are rigid enough to withstand thicker branches while staying sharper, longer. For someone like me, who has a large yard and finds that they’re spending hours trying to tame bushes, small fruit trees, and overgrown ornamental grasses, the Tanaka TCH22ECP2’s large blades are a plus and could seriously cut down time spent hacking at bushes.

This hedge trimmer’s handle is also a major plus. Its 5-position rear handle allows you to easily change the angle at which you’re trimming based on what the task at hand requires. This, combined with the trimmer’s long blades, make it incredibly versatile, and the increased comfort and maneuverability you get from this handle make this hedge trimmer great for large yards and working longer hours.

While the Tanaka TCH22ECP2 is on the heavier side, at 11.4 pounds with a 10.1-ounce fuel tank, its weight is a product of its power. Before buying, I would just try to see if I could hold the product in a store or make sure I can wield something of a similar weight. While Tanaka does make shoulder straps, they can be hard to find.

So, if you will be using this product for a longer job, I’d recommend finding a compatible strap, especially if you’re someone who is on the smaller side, like me. Though, to be fair, this trimmer’s anti-vibration system does help in making its size a bit more controllable.

The Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer also features a 4-point, spring-mounted anti-vibration system. This means you can work tougher and longer jobs with much less strain and fatigue, allowing for greater precision and control when trimming over a longer period of time. This is perfect for professionals who work long hours or homeowners like me who have a lot of vegetation to maintain.

This trimmer’s quieter engine also makes it ideal for homeowners or landscapers who often work in neighborhoods. Those who live and work in quiet neighborhoods or have HOA’s with noise ordinances won’t have to worry as much about trimming, as this model runs more quietly than other gas-powered hedge trimmers on the market.

Another plus is this hedge trimmer’s forward-facing exhaust. This moves fumes away from you and what you’re trimming, preventing burnt hedges, a common problem with gas-powered trimmers whose fumes tend to be incredibly hot and smelly.

What We Like

  • A powerful, commercial-grade engine with an anti-vibration system makes this hedge trimmer perfect for tough jobs and long hours, perfect for professionals or homeowners with large yards.
  • The Tanaka TCH22ECP2’s 5-position rear handle makes trimming high branches and the sides of hedges much easier and gives you greater control when cutting at awkward angles.
  • 30-inch commercial-grade dual-reciprocating blades are some of the longest on the market and are incredibly durable. For those who have taller hedges or hedges with thicker branches, this is a major plus.
  • 30-inch commercial-grade dual-reciprocating blades are some of the longest on the market and are incredibly durable. For those who have taller hedges or hedges with thicker branches, this is a major plus.
  • This trimmer is definitely built up to the Tanaka standard, and you can expect it to last through difficult trimming jobs for years to come. Plus, its incredible warranty ensures you’ll have any problems taken care of should they arise.

What We Don’t LIke

  • The Tanaka TCH22ECP2 is pretty heavy, which isn’t surprising considering how powerful it is. But, for people who are smaller, keeping this trimmer raised overhead or holding it in awkward positions for long periods of time to reach branches or the tops of hedges may be out of the question.
  • Users have complained about problems with the fuel line, specifically that it may break after not much use. But, luckily, since this product comes with such a great warranty, getting the fuel line fixed if it breaks shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Final Thoughts

This is a powerhouse hedge trimmer made by a company that obviously values their customers and believes in the quality of their product. Since this is a professional-grade trimmer, it would be a serious investment for a homeowner, but you would save in the long run by not having to pay a professional. For a professional and non-professional alike, while this model’s weight may be a turnoff, it’s hard to argue with the power this machine packs.

While I would be a bit worried about the fuel line, with the warranty and the great features this trimmer has, I’d be willing to take the risk.

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