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Preppers Checklist

Preppers ChecklistDisasters can happen at any time. With the governments of many world powers in constant turmoil, the constant threat of terrorism, the increase in the number of natural disasters, and many other catastrophic events that have happened in the last couple of years it seemed modern society is doomed. If things take a turn for the worst preppers will still be able to survive. These people are well prepared for disasters and have enough supplies put aside to keep their families alive and well. There is a prepper’s checklist that will help a prepper make sure they have all the supplies they need to carry on even if the world does not. These supplies are needed for survival including food, clean water, heat, and shelter. These supplies are an outline of what a prepper will need in order to stay alive.

Water Purification

Water is essential for all forms of life. Without water life cannot exist. When preparing to survive a person should try to stock up on bottled water. Several gallons should be stored in places such as the basement, out of the sunlight, and away from any fumes including gasoline. Several clean , smaller containers should be kept close by in case the family is going to be on the move. Bottled water will only last for so long. Pure water is needed to stay hydrated and healthy. There are several supplies that should be kept to purify water. Large buckets and rain barrels are needed to watch water as it rains or to get water out of lakes. This water is not yet ready to drink. Matches are needed in order to start a fire and a large kettle is also needed. The water has to be boiled over the fire to remove any impurities. Coffee filters and mosquito netting can also be used to remove larger sediments from the water. If possible stock up on water purification tablets to clean out the water.


Food is needed for energy and to keep the body healthy. Shelf stable food may not be a final solution but will help keep a family fed. There are many canned and dry foods that last for a long period of time. A prepper should stock up once rice, dry pasta, dry beans, canned tuna, and other canned goods. Dry milk power, sugar, spice, and vinegar are also useful. Seasonings such as salt and pepper will give some flavor to the food as well as serve other purposes. Salt can also be used to preserve meat and fish that can be hunted. Packages of sprouting seeds can be kept. This way a prepper can grow vegetables that will renew themselves.

Hunting Supplies

To ensure the family will never run out of food a prepper need to learn how to hunt. There are some supplies that are going to be needed to hunt for deer and other game animals. Supplies for fishing should be kept as well. Knives will be used to clean the meat and a compound bow is needed for the hunt as well as extra arrows. When possible a rifle and addition ammo should be kept aside. Fishing poles with sharp hooks are also helpful.

Cooking Supplies

Meat is going to have to be cooked to make sure it is safe to eat. A solar oven, and barbeque can cook the food. A solar dehydrator will keep it fresh. Cooking utensils, are needed and jars and lids are needed for storage.

Preppers Checklist - First Aid KitFirst Aid

There are some supplies that should be kept close by in case of injury. A supply of bandages, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and gloves are needed. When possible put aside pain relievers, cold medicine, antibiotic, and vitamins.


Be sure to have a supply of clean clothing and clothing that will help keep a family warm in the winter. Put aside t-shirts, pants, undergarments, socks, plenty of thermals and jackets, gloves, glasses, head gear, and raingear to be prepared for any season. Comfortable shoes and boots are going to be needed as well. Be sure to have plenty of blankets, towels, and other ways to keep warm.


Power sources are useful for preppers. Be sure to have enough batteries to power items such as two way radios and other devices that can be used for communication. A generator is needed for power as well as extension cords. Gasoline, propane, and charcoal are great sources of power and heat. Lamp oil and wood are also needed.


Be sure to put aside tools to plant and grow a garden such as shovels, rakes, and axes. Basic tools such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and other items are going to be needed to build shelter and to make repairs. Duct tape is also useful. Binoculars are going to be needed for looks. Tarps will help trap water for drinking and keep the supplies dry. Also have maps and other guides for navigation if needed.


Make sure photo ids, birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, banking and insurance records, and other forms of identification and contact information are kept in a safe place.


In order to stay mentally healthy a prepper needs some mental stimulation. Playing cards, books, paper/ pens/ crayons, dice, and the Bible can provide some much needed entertainment.

Preppers Checklist - Weather RadioCommunication

If help were to arrive a prepper should not run out in the open. They need to be careful about who is approaching. Whistle, flairs, radios, and weather radios will help aid in the communication process. The prepper may be able to see if others survived as well and protect the family from unwanted looters.

These are by no means of all the supplies that are needed for prepper to survive. These supplies will help meet the basic needs that people have. These are just some of the items needed for food, water, clothing, warmth, and safety. If a prepper is well prepare and keeps the items found on the prepper checklist in a safe location they will be able to survive when modern society fails.