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Are You Nuts! Big Food Is Trying To Make You Look That Way

Big food is trying to make those of us who try to eat healthy look like fools! They are bullying their customers that have been leaving in droves in an attempt to salvage a declining market share.

 Apparently this is also how a dying multi-billion dollar industry behaves in an attempt to shame the fleeing customers.

They have even created a new “eating disorder” for to describe it…

Orthorexia is an obsessive-compulsive process characterized by extreme care for and selection of what is considered to be pure ‘healthy’ food. This ritual leads to a very restrictive diet and social isolation as a compensation. Orthorexics obsessively avoid foods which may contain artificial colours, flavours, preservant agents, pesticide residues or genetically modified ingredients, unhealthy fats, foods containing too much salt or too much sugar and other components. The way of preparation, kitchenware and other tools used are also part of the obsessive ritual.

Here’s an example from Big Food Giant, Pepsi:

Their advertisers need you to think you’re nuts, because the Big Food Beast is failing. Companies are losing money hand over fist as consumers learn the truth about their unhealthy offerings.