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Bug Out Gear List: Top ten essentials for your bag

Bug Out Gear ListMany of you preppers out there probably have a large inventory of emergency supplies in your home. Some of you might even have enough supplies to last for years. But what if you have to leave your home? There can be several situations that will force you to flee the sanctuary of your well supplied home. Fire, an impending mob that might over run your home or some other threat may force you to leave many of your supplies and make a run for it.  This is where having a thorough bug out gear list is essential. Having an emergency ready bag will allow you to carry the supplies you need until you can reach a safer place. These supplies will potentially save your life and may make life a little more comfortable in a highly stressful situation. Today we are going to take a look at the top ten things that everyone should have in their personal pack. So let’s get started!

Bug Out Gear List: Top ten essentials for your bag

  1. A fire source: This is probably one of the most important items everyone should have in their bag. Fire can cook food, keep you warm, signal help and keep your spirits up. There are many great fire starting tools on the market but a simple magnesium fire starting block with flint is your best bet. It will work when wet and can start thousands of fires before wearing out.
  1. Water purification tablets: While having some water in your bag is a wise choice you are eventually going to run out of it. A great way to clean and purify water that you may find is by using. You can buy a bottle and put in your bag and they won’t take up hardly any space.
  1. A small first aid kit: Getting hurt on the run is never good. A simple small cut can turn into a major problem if it gets infected. By including a small portable in your back pack you can protect yourself against infection. With this kit you can also treat insect bites and other minor injuries.
  1. A good flash light: A will last a very long time. Having one in your pack means that you will never have to dangerously fumble around in the dark. By carrying an extra set of batteries it can last you even longer. In addition, a flash light can help you signal for help. You can also use a hand crank flashlight that will also charge your USB devise but they don ‘t keep a charge for long durations.
  1. A high quality multi-tool: A multi-tool is one of the most essential tools you will ever own and having one in your bag just makes sense. A high quality multi-tool can perform countless jobs and will prove vital to your survival.
  1. MRE’s or other freeze dried foods: Depending on how long you are going to have to bug out for, you are going to need a food supply. A great way to carry a few days of food in your pack is to buy some MRE’s or meals ready to eat. These freeze dried, vacuum sealed meals will provide you enough energy to look for another food supply before you run out.
  1. A good standard compass: While having a GPS unit is nice but what if something catastrophic happens and you can’t access the satellites? Having a and maps of the area you plan to be in is highly important. This will help you find your way without the need to rely on modern day technology.
  1. A manual can opener (might be included in your multi-tool): You might find this little tool silly to carry around. But when searching for food in residential areas after your supplies have run out 9 times out of 10 you are going to run into a lot of canned goods. Instead of trying to open it with your knife and potently dulling it in the process this tool will come in very handy.
  1. A really good knife: Skip the Made in China knives and invest in a. While the upfront cost of a good knife might seem too much you won’t be saying that when you are depending on it for survival. So find a knife that fits well in your hand and can easily be carried in your bag. 
  2. A hand cranked radio: This just might be your lifeline to the outside world. When a serious event happens and you have to leave your home you might be cut off from the outside world. Having a with you will allow you to listen to emergency broadcasts and find out what’s going on.


There are many more items that you may need to include in your individual ready bag depending on your situation and circumstances. Having a thorough bug out gear list and making sure that it is complete and you have purchased everything that you will need should an emergency situation arise is the first step towards you individual preparedness.

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