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Garden Tool Storage

Gardening is so much easier if you have the proper tools and finding the tool you need, when you need it makes for a better day working in the garden. I’ve never been accused of being overly organized (just ask my husband) but, when it comes to my garden tools, storage in an organized way, is at least attempted.

Have you ever wasted time trying to find a particular garden tool because you didn’t remember where you put it or because you don’t have storage space for your garden tools and equipment and things just get put wherever you can find a spot?

My current problem is I don’t have one central place that I use just for storage for garden tools. Some of my gardening tools are in my husbands’ tool shed. Things like sprayers and hand tools that will fit into a space that he doesn’t have filled with tools. Other tools like hoes, rakes and shovels are stored in the tractor shed. And then there are other things like my pruning shears and gardening gloves that I keep inside the house.

Since my gardening stuff is stored in several different places, I have spent lots of time going around in circles from one place to the other to find the tool I needed because I wasn’t sure where something was.

I would love to have a pretty garden tool storage shed that could also be used for potting up plants (you know like one of those really pretty sheds surrounded by beautiful flowers that you see in the gardening magazine pictures), unfortunately I don’t see that happening in the near future.

While I work on convincing my husband that I need a garden shed, I am trying to find a suitable alternative for storing all my gardening stuff in one spot. So, I was looking around at what is available and thought I would share some of what I found.