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DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer Review

Finding the right outdoor equipment for your needs can be daunting as well as time consuming. The DEWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer is well worth taking a closer look at. A combination of modern technology and power this is sure to please. Having the 20V MAX system allows for battery and tools to be interchanged as well making it possibly an economical purchase now and in the future. 

This is a powerful battery operated hedge trimmer with a 3 year limited warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee

With its high output motor it cuts up ¾ inch thick branches. You can power your way through hedges and shrubs, again and again with its 5.0 Amp Hour Lithium battery backing you.  Part of the 20V MAX system of tools this hedge trimmer is definitely worth taking a closer look at. You will find some very nice safety features included on the model as well.

Key Features of the DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer

Before getting into the full review let’s take a quick look at some of the key features of the DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack.

  • Cuts Branches up to ¾ inch
  • Contains High Capacity 5.0 Amp Hour Lithium Battery
  • Part of the 20v Max System of Tools.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • 22 inch laser cut with hooked blade.
  • 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service, and 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Comes With Battery and Charger.
  • Interchangeable Battery with Certain Other DEWALT Tools.

DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer Review

First Impressions and Presentation

It can be a real obstacle looking for a good hedge trimmer. DeWALT is so confident in their product that they offer consumers a 3 year limited warranty along with 1 year free service and a 90 day money back guarantee. That says a lot in itself about their confidence in the tools and equipment they manufacture.

No assembly is required so already that is a bonus. It comes with a protective sheath, battery and charger. No need to buy separately at added cost. Another great feature is that the battery is interchangeable with other 20 V MAX tools

The ability to use one single battery with various tools is not only practical but cost effective. As most battery operated tools come with battery and charger. If you do own more than one tool in the same system it can enable you to work continuously instead of waiting for your battery to recharge. I find this to be one of my favorite perks. Owning multiple tools means multiple batteries. It makes my life a great deal easier just swapping batteries out instead of having to wait for one to charge. I hate having to wait around when I get in the mood to get things accomplished.

A powerful motor and sharp blade can allow you to get a great deal of work done in a short amount of time. With its compact, lightweight design this hedge trimmer is sure to help you tackle those edges and shrubs.

Trimming capacity of the DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer

The DeWALT DCHT820P1 can power through shrubbery and hedges with its 22 inch laser cut hardened steel hook blades. The hedge trimmer is Equipped with high output motor that provides 2800 cutting strokes per minute.  It allows you the ability to easily slice your way through branches that are up to ¾ thick.

Coupled with a 5.0 Amp Hour battery it delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge. (Had to call DeWalt 1800 4 dewalt)

Product Review Title

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Overall Rating

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Features of the Features of the DeWALT DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer

There are a lot of wonderful features being presented with this hedge trimmer. At 7.5 pounds this is a compact and lightweight piece of equipment. It allows you the ability to do more with less physical strain to the body.  Being battery operated it alleviates the need for added weight from extension cords or fuel tanks.

The DeWALT DCHT820P1 has been manufactured with a bail handle, blade guard, switch handle and a trigger switch. For storage it is accompanied with a hard plastic sheath to prevent injury and damage.

A safety feature is the lock off switch. To get the hedge trimmer started you push the lock off switch forward and squeeze the trigger switch. This prevents accidental starting.

What We Like

  • Great Design.
  • Easy to Use.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • No Cords or Gas Needed to Operate.
  • Comes with 3 Year Warranty, 1 Year Free Service, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Protective Plastic Sheath
  • 22 Inch Blade with Hooked Teeth.
  • Battery Operated Runs Up to 40 Minutes Per Charge
  • Battery is interchangeable with other products

What We Don’t Like

  • Battery Does Require Recharging, 1 Hour Recharge.
  • Not Recommended for Branches Over ¾ Inches.
  • Blade Could Need to Be Oiled from Time to Time.

Final Thoughts

Throughout our complete DeWALT DCHT820P1 20 V Max Hedge Trimmer with 5AH Pack review we found a great deal to commend about this model. It is competitively priced with other brands and models. It offers functionality and durability to the consumer.  Let us also consider the versatility of battery use within the brands tools. Some other things worth mentioning again is the 3 year warranty, 2800 cutting strokes per minute.  Included with purchase is the battery and charger.

This hedge trimmer could be a great asset to the typical homeowner who is looking for a great yard tool to help provide them with a beautifully maintained landscape.  With its 22 inch blade, 5.0 Amp Hour battery, 100 watt hours and powerful motor this machine is a great contender and well worth buying.  While there are plenty of options out there to choose from we feel that this is one purchase that will serve you well for years to come.

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